Toyota Earth Day Scholarship


Megan Schlorff is 2011 Recipient of the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship

Taken from the Official Toyota Earth Day website, under Ontario Winners

Megan conducted a science fair project titled “Down the Drain, Only to Resurface Again” that combined her passion for health and the environment. Megan found that wastewater treatment plants do not always eliminate the presence of the antimicrobial compounds triclosan and triclocarban. These compounds are found in many personal care products including toothpaste, deodorant, and hand soap and are often disposed down the drain. Many studies have found that triclosan could cause antibiotic resistance and increase the frequency of allergies, eczema and asthma. These compounds are also shown to be toxic to algae and have the potential to bioconcentrate over time.

These findings inspired Megan to take action and educate the public. She created a public service announcement and brochures encouraging hand washing without the use of antibacterial soap and even created a glycerin-based tea tree oil soap that has natural antibacterial properties. She presented her project at community service group meetings and conferences and the Canada-Wide Science Fair where she won two gold medals for her work. She also presented her project to wastewater treatment plant operators who assisted her with her water testing.

Aside from her scientific work, Megan is a member of the Green Committee on her school’s student council and a musician in the school band. Megan is an intelligent, analytical and innovative thinker who is passionate about health and the environment.

Megan is also the winner of the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship for 2010-11. Congratulations on all of your hard work and care for the environment! Check out the official page and look under Ontario winners.

Megan Toyota Presentation

Megan Schlorff, graduating student from Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton receives a ceremonial cheque from Carol Becker, representing Walkerton Toyota and Toyota Canada. Megan is one of the 2011 Winners of the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program. (Additional info. about the Award is available at ) Megan was presented the scholarship at the 2011 Sacred Heart High School Graduation Ceremonies on Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

“I am thrilled to have been selected for this honour! The Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program will help me to pursue my passion for the environment and its connections to health.”


SHHS Student
Wins Toyota Earth Day Scholarship

Sacred Heart High School student, Brandon Koebel, was chosen a well deserved winner of the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship in May of 2010. Brandon has been a valuable part of SHHS during his four years of study. He has served on the executive with SAC, Yearbook, etc. and he planned and implemented the “Facing the Inconvenient Truth Environmental Symposium”. This powerful event brought together over 300 attendees, including community environmental groups, businesses, city officials and citizens. He also self-produced a documentary entitled “Bringing the Solution Home” which outlined 10 global-friendly tips and highlighted the importance of individual actions.

For more information, choose and look for Brandon Koebel

(Photo courtesy of Walkerton Herald Times.)

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