School Directory

2018 - 2019

Principal:    Glenn Miller
Vice Principal:     Laurie Fischer 
Secretaries:   Connie Wilhelm
                       Rene Sachs (Guidance)
                       Diane Voisin 
                       Monica Dietrich

School Council Co-Chair:     Tracy Clark and Nicole Dietz

Trustees: Bev Eckensweiler
                 Norman Bethune
                 Lori DiCastri 
                 Robyn Garvey 
                 Randy Roote
                 Mike Lemme
                 Sam Finnie

Student Trustee: Meredith Legace

Staff Listing: (area chairpersons in bold staff websites linked)

Lesley Anderson- Science/Math 
Emily Azevedo - Math/Business
Jocelyn Auger - English / Religion
Amanda BeckerReligion, Geography
Nicole Black - Civics and Carriers/English 
Sarah Brainard -Science
David Cantlon Science
Paul Charette - Physics/Outdoor Education
Morgan Cook -Science
Lucie Desbiens - French, Geography
Julianne Dunn - Physical Education/Science
Mark Dunn - Physical Education 
Samantha Easton - 
Art @ The Heart Online 
Jamie Elphick - Science, Co-Op
Charlene Fletcher - Math 
Catherine Fritz - English / Religion
Sarah Gatto - Geography / Religion
Brianna Gonzalez -French
Christian Hambrock - Student Success
Nicole Kerslake -English/Religion
Tom Kittel - Transportation Technology
Brandon Koebel - Math/Yearbook
Jennifer Lang - Religion /Resource
Bob Legace - History/ Outdoor Physical Education
Deb Legace - Caplen
Paulette Lippert - Religion/Dance
Donna Logue - Dance/Religion/Music
John Markauskas - Science
Marg Mason - Math
Emily McCormick - English/Religion
Mike McCormick - Manufacturing, Technology
Hilary McGillivray - French / History
David Metcalfe - Woodworking, Design & Tech
Cathy Muegge - Special Education/ English
Mike Orr - English
Jeff Rutten - Science
Jayne Slosser Guidance/Science
Jamie Smith - History/Law
Laura Smith-Honegger - English
Darryl Struikas - English, Guidance
Ashley Turcotte - French
Mario Turcotte - Co-op/French
Jen VanDeVyvere, - Religion / Parenting
Joel VanStraten Math, Computers
Andrea Voisin - English/Religion
Kristina Watson - Food and Nutrition/Religion
Jenny Weber - Drama/ Resource
Clark Wilkinson - Math, Careers/Civics
Kathy Young - Phys. Ed/Careers/Civics

Educational Assistants

Chantelle Ackworth
Dorothy Biermans
Becky Barclay
Vicky Huber
Trish Nichols
Blair Pollock
Michelle Walker
Marj Weiler

Library Technician
Trixie Wagner

Debbie Legace

Instructional Coach
Jocelyn Auger

Custodial Staff:
  Rick Begon
                            Robert Clark
                            Peter Ferguson - Head Custodian II
                            Rod Hudson - Head Custodian I 
                            Joan MacDonald
                            Chris Stanislow
                            Leigh Wiseman
                            Doug Zettler

Youth Worker
Jackie Shields
Tabitha Howe

Mental Health Nurse
Jenny Chreptyk

OPP Liaison Officer
Adam James
Kerry Hall

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