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Course Description

Manufacturing is the transformation of materials into products to meet human needs and wants.Manufacturing technology courses provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of mechanical engineering, robotics and control systems, computer-aided manufacturing, industrial maintenance, precision machining, welding, and sheet metal. Students will use a broad range of tools and equipment while acquiring engineering, fabrication, and problem-solving skills through the design and fabrication of various projects. Manufacturing courses will also help students understand the effects of manufacturing technology on the environment and society. Manufacturing courses are designed for students heading to an apprenticeship, to college or university, or directly to the workplace in their pursuit of careers such as trades-person, technician, technologist, engineer, or any of the skilled entry positions.

What You Will Do

Students study and use machine tools including hand tools, small handheld power tools, cut off tools, lathes, milling machines and welding. Students also move to modern machines including CNC mills, CNC lathe, CNC plasma, 3D printing while utilizing industry software to solid model and make tool paths and programs. Students in manufacturing also are encouraged to explore various welding techniques including Torch welding, GMAW(mig), SMAW(stick) and GTAW(tig).  Students are also introduced to reading working drawings and creating these drawings using modern software. Measurement is also an area of study and students learn a variety of inspection tools including verniers, micrometers, indicators, welding inspection, optical comparators and Co-ordinate measuring tools. Another area of study is lean manufacturing and automation where students look at efficiency in processes and transformation of manufacturing processes to be more environmentally responsible and competitive in today's world markets. Students acquire skills to be handy at home or as a foundation as a skilled journey person.



"This term I learned that safety is a priority when working in the manufacturing shop. You must consider the safety of yourself and others."  -Owen

"This course has given me lots of new options for future jobs and careers that might be interested in pursuing." -Damon

"Overall I learnt a huge amount of information in one term and can take away a lot of knowledge that will help me throughout my future career and my life’s journey." -Callum

"Throughout the course I learned how to do many tasks, however I also learned other important things such as that to succeed you must put in your best effort and be responsible by showing up everyday on time."

"This course teaches me responsibility and time management, you have to be responsible and get things done on time, just like how it is in the real world." -Alex

"In the future I can use the skills I learned in manufacturing to pursue a career in the trades.  The knowledge I learned in drawings will help me have a clear vision of what a part should look like off paper." -Austin

"Another new thing I did for the first time in the course was to use a mig welder." -Eric

"Overall I had a very good experience in this class and I will be taking the course again." -Tyler


Related Trades

Machinist, Fitter, Welder, Tool and Die Maker, Mould Maker, Drafting, Sheet Metal Worker, CNC Programmer, CNC Operator, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Mechanic, Quality Control Inspector, Facility Mechanic, Millwright, Iron Worker, Steam Fitter, Mechanical Engineer

Specialist High Skills Major

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