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SH Sports ST
  • Cross Country (Mr. Hambrock, Miss. Gatto & Ms. Fritz)
  • Tennis (Mrs. Young)
  • Girls' Basketball (Miss. Cook & Miss. Gonzalez)
  • Boys' Basketball (Mr. Legace & Mr. Ruttan)
  • Girls' Volleyball (Mrs. Dunn)
  • Boys' Volleyball (Mr. Dunn)
  • Boys' Soccer (Mr. Struikas, Miss. Gatto & Mr. Ruttan)
  • Girls' Soccer (Mrs. Dunn)
  • Boys' Hockey (Mr. Orr)
  • Girl's Hockey (Mr. Wilkinson)
  • Curling (Miss. Gatto)
  • Badminton (Mr. Legace & Mr. McCormick)
  • Track and Field (Miss. Gatto)
  • Girls Rugby (Mr. Bill King)
  • Swim Team (Ms. White)
  • Boys Rugby (Mr. Charette, Mr. Wilkson & Mr. Elphick)
  • Golf (Mr. Kittel & Mr. Miller)
  • Figure Skating (Ms. Becker)
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