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The Sacred Heart Guidance Department is your one-stop-shop for all things related to pathway and career/life planning, course selection, graduation, Specialist High Skills Major programming, and more.


Students are encouraged to connect with our Guidance Counselors to discuss their future aspirations and to share questions they have about the next steps toward graduation, post-secondary programs, apprenticeships, or the world of work.


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As part of our commitment to Career/Life Education, we have moved forward with a board license of myBlueprint Education Planner. Our license provides access to all students in Grades 7 to 12. myBlueprint has been supporting Ontario school boards for 15+ years, and now partners with more than 85% of the province. The service empowers students with education, career, and life planning. 

myBlueprint can help students learn more about themselves through a series of personality and interest surveys (“Who Am I?”), the variety of careers aligned to their interests and skills (“What are my opportunities?”), plan future high school courses for a variety of pathways (“Who do I want to become?), and set SMART goals for future transitions, academics, and employment (“What is my plan for achieving my goals?”).

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Learn more about myBlueprint by watching this video: