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Course Selections

You can explore the courses offered at Sacred Heart High School in the documents below.
Course selection is completed using myBlueprint. Learn more about completing course selection by watching this video:

High School Graduation Requirements

An accessible version of the High School Graduation Requirements is available here.
Students who leave high school before fulfilling the Ontario Secondary School Certificate (O.S.S.C.) requirements may be granted a Certificate of Accomplishment. 
The Certificate of Accomplishment recognizes a student's participation and achievement in high school as they leave to pursue further work skills training or employment. 
Students working toward a Certificate of Achievement may take K-courses - alternative, non-credit-bearing courses for students with special education needs. K-courses support self-care, independence, growth in fundamental skills, and work skills development. 
Examples of K-courses include:
  • Numeracy and Numbers (KMM)
  • Language and Communication Development (KEN)
  • Exploring the World of Work (KGW)
  • Creative Arts for Enjoyment and Expression (KAL)